Drug Screening

Pre-Hire and Random Drug Testing

If you need drug and alcohol testing services for a pre-employment drug test, random drug test, or post-accident drug test, we can help.

Employers often require pre-employment and random drug testing as part of their safety and health programs. In addition, regulated drug testing is often required as a condition for employment. For example, Any person operating a CMV, that requires a CDL, for intrastate or interstate commerce is also required to participate in a DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program. 

Near-Site Work Health Solutions makes drug testing easy for everyone!

Which drugs does Near-Site test for?

Drug testing methods include urine and saliva testing. Negative test results are generally available in 24-48 hours

DOT Drug Testing Services

Additional DOT Services include consortium enrollment and we offer a complete DOT Compliance Program for single operators and small trucking companies.

  • Consortium Enrollment
  • DOT Physicals
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employer Drug Policy Development
  • Employee Training