Injury Prevention Services

Work Health Solutions Near-Site clinics offer comprehensive injury prevention programs to help prevent work injuries from occurring as well as long-term strength training. Our Injury Prevention Specialists (IPS) specialize in clinical evaluation and prognosis, injury prevention, emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, and organizational health and well-being.


Injury Prevention Specialists are medically trained to evaluate acute and chronic symptoms of discomfort. The purpose of an evaluation is to find the root cause of the discomfort and prevent escalation of symptoms. An evaluation will often include postural assessment, palpation, range of motion, strength testing, and special tests assessing specific muscle/tendon/ligament integrity.

Injury Prevention Specialists are trained in several hands-on manual techniques designed to reduce musculoskeletal dysfunction and restore balance in the body. Techniques include muscle energy, active release, myokinesthetic system, active assisted range of motion, myofascial release, and Graston techniques. ATC’s also use a variety of taping or bracing techniques and may use ice or heat as part of their interventions.

The purpose of body mechanics and posture education is to connect any negative effects of the posture and movements we use throughout the day. Postural education can correct muscle imbalances which can lead to pain or injury that result from repetitive tasks.

Micro breaks are short (10 seconds to a few minutes) breaks performed throughout the workday to combat the effects of fatigue. They are usually include stretching of frequently used muscles and activation of underutilized muscle groups. Micro breaks can be developed for general wellness or for specific tasks/jobs.

Dynamic warm-ups work by actively contracting your muscles to move your joints through their full range of motion. It aims to increase blood flow to increase muscle temperature, functional range of motion, and to prepare the entire body for activity.

Self-care strategies are individual techniques aimed at reducing the effects of mental and physical fatigue. Self-care can decrease stress and promote relaxation, reduce pain and muscle soreness, improve circulation and speed of healing, and lower blood pressure and heart rate. It may include a variety of modalities including but not limited to massage using a Theracane, lacrosse ball, or foam roller, stretches, exercises, micro-breaks, dynamic warm-ups, or meditation.

Wellness education and initiatives are a way to encourage employees to adopt healthier habits by doing small things that can improve their overall well-being. Topics are typically informative and can include a fun and simple challenge. Topics may include posture, lifting mechanics, hydration, movement/step challenges, hypertension, stretching techniques, meditation and breathing techniques, etc.

The Acuscope is a FDA approved medical instrument that applies low voltage micro-currents to reduce pain by stimulating the nervous system of the body. It detects the abnormal electrical tissue responses and adjust its own response to produce a balancing effect. In bio-electrical technology, this is the most effective and advanced approach to accelerating the healing process and rehabilitation therapy.

The nature of many careers in public safety requires a high level of fitness. While most workers are very well versed in cardio and weight lifting, few focus on corrective exercises. Corrective Exercise is used to help assess and determine the root cause of imbalances and faulty movement patterns that can lead to injuries. Progressive corrective exercises aim to create balance within the body to improve overall movement quality during workouts and activities of daily living.

Ergonomic assessments can be performed for overall wellness or focused on specific job tasks. Ergonomic assessments identify engineering or administrative control interventions that create a safer work environment. Athletic Trainers also analyze proper posture, seat position, seatbelt attachment, loads of required safety equipment and attire, and proper lifting techniques for police officers.

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