Workers’ Compensation

At Near-Site, our goal is to help our patients live healthy, active lifestyles. In order to provide your company and employees with the best care, we collaborate with physicians, employers, workers compensation insurance companies, case managers, and employees. This collaboration allows for quick and accurate information and helps to keep your company’s insurance premiums at a minimum.

Why Near-Site?

We provide innovative solutions for treating and preventing work-related exposures, injuries, and illnesses. When an incident occurs, we recommend interventions based on best medical practices and each client’s unique needs.

How can you prevent Workers' Compensation claims?

Just one workers’ compensation claim has the potential to throw your thriving business into chaos. Lost productivity, medical bills and stiff fines from OSHA are just a few consequences to consider. To protect your company, you’ll need to prevent workers’ compensation injuries

Employment Physicals

DOT Physicals, don’t just help to cut down on injuries and record existing conditions—they’re also lawfully required.

OSHA Exams

Reviews of potential medical conditions from either work-related activity or work-related exposure.

Drug Testing

Negative drug screens are typically reported in 24-36 hours. Positive drug screens are typically reported within 72 hours.